The Artist in Residence (AIR) program offers a unique opportunity for both Indonesian and foreign artists working in the contemporary Visual Arts to undertake a two months residency in the Foundation's space, located in a traditional village near the Art Institute, in the south region of Yogyakarta. The residency encourages artists to develop their existing bodies of work or to develop new processes and concepts through various media. Following a flexible agenda, the residency looks at the individual creative process and the ways in which the artist integrates with the nearby art communities in developing side projects. Aiming at a final cohesive exhibition, the residency also encourages artists to develop social or educational programs in the shape of discussions, workshops, performances, etc.


  1. REDBASE Foundation AIR Residency is open to all young and emerging artists over the age of 18 with no limitation on artistic discipline or nationality.
  2. The age limit of applicants is 35
  3. Candidate artists for the residency may work in any field of art, including painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, film, video, digital art, and performance, or a combination of media.
  4. The residency is designed for candidates in their early or mid-career who have earned a measure of professional recognition - in the form of exhibitions, reviews, works included in collections, awards, etc. - but who are still growing and developing their body of work.
  5. The residency is offered to Individuals. This residency does not accept applications from collectives.
  6. Artists who have not taken a previous residency program are encouraged to apply
  7. Participants are expected to be able to communicate effectively in English
  8. Once selected, participants must comply with all contractual requirements and agree to stay in the residency location for the entire duration of the residency.

Selection Criteria

  1. Clarity of artistic vision as articulated in the artist statement and work samples
  2. Persuasive evidence that the applicant is committed in purpose and practice
  3. Clear evidence that the artist is looking to explore new ideas, medium, or concepts for the residency period
  4. Self-disciplined and willingness to engage with the village communities around the foundation
  5. The residency offers priority to Indonesian young artists

When to Apply

AIR offers 3 OPEN CALLS a year

  1. I semester (January - April) - DEADLINE: 15 April for Second Semester
  2. II semester (May - August) - DEADLINE: 15 August for the Third Semester
  3. III semester (September - December) - DEADLINE: 15 December for the First Semester
The months of the residency for each semester will be discussed with the selected artists.

Send your application form to residency@redbasefoundation.org

Final Exhibition

We look for a final exhibition that:

  1. Is visually and artistically impressive and original
  2. Is related to fresh ways of exploring media
  3. Is international in nature
  4. Asks important questions and provoke dialogue
  5. Is related to research
  6. Provides a context for education
  7. Is appropriate in scale for the Redbase Foundation space
  8. Includes new work produced during the residency, or prior work presented in a fresh way, informed by the residency


  1. Single bed room accommodation in the Foundation space
  2. Studio/exhibition space
  3. Local Assistant (to guide and help the Artist in Residence for access to materials and local socialization)
  4. Access to library, art spaces, studios
  5. Access to wider national and international networks of institutions, galleries, museums.

*) For Indonesian citizens, the residency further offers a stipend of up to x million Rupiah for the cost of materials
*) Foreign applicants are expected to apply for funds in their origin countries.
The works realized during the Residency Program will remain under the Foundation for a period of 6 months.