( Australia )

JANGAN LUPA BAWA OLEH-OLEH YA (DON\'T FORGET TO BRING BACK SOUVENIRS) takes its starting point from \'oleh-oleh\' (souvenirs) and muses on what it is we take and understand from another place - as a tourist, an artist, a researcher, a colonial power.

Alongside personal souvenir stories of the artist and friends in Indonesia and abroad, this exhibition includes a playful assemblage of familiar and not-so-familiar oleh-oleh from Yogyakarta, and new research on the archipelago\'s colonial past.

Ida Lawrence is an Indonesian-Australian visual artist who is interested in the stories behind things, both real and fictional. Her first artist residency and solo exhibition was with Tembi Rumah Budaya in 2012, and since then she has held ten solo exhibitions and attended residencies in Japan, Malaysia and Australia. Her work has been included in group exhibitions such as 15th Asian Art Biennale (National Academy of Fine and Performing Arts, Dhaka, Bangladesh) and Sculpture By The Sea (Sydney, Australia). She usually lives in Sydney, Australia, but was based in Yogyakarta between 2010-2013.

( Indonesia )

Citra Sasmita is a young artist born in Tabanan, Bali March 30, 1990. She took her formal education at Udayana University of English Literature Department and Department of Physics at Ganesha University of Education. Although she hasn’t took a formal education in art, she began her artistic career as a short story illustrator for Bali Post since 2012. Her works mostly show women’s world theme, especially in the context of Balinese culture that is strongly dominated by patriarchal nuances and sexuality.

During her three month residency at the Redbase Foundation Yogyakarta, Citra has explored the theme of women in the context of Javanese culture, which is reflected through the social relationship between the female body with space and time. Citra perceives traditional market as a social contestation space for women who are soft but egalitarian as well. For her, the traditional market is an open space to bring people together from diverse backgrounds.

Despite her deep exploration of women in the context of Javanese culture, in some of her works, Citra still uses her previous visual idioms. For her, this is her body’s experience in absorbing two different cultures.

( Malaysia )

Ahmad Fikril Haniff or familiarly called Fikril is a graduate of the University of Technology Mara (UiTM) Malaysia, majoring in painting. During his residency, Fikril was interested in the similarities between the two countries (Malaysia-Indonesia) in shaping his work ideas. From many similarities he found between the two countries, he tried to focus on Instant products issues –the idea was inspired by drink sachet packages \"installation\" he found at local restaurant or Burjo. Furthermore, Fikril tried to analyze the constellation between instant products and the phenomenon of Instant Generation (Generasi Instan) in Indonesia.

INSTANT is the 10th residency exhibition at REDBASE Foundation and is a part of residency projects that have been undertaken by Fikril for about two months. In this exhibition, Fikril tried to narrate the results of his observations about ‘instant product’ through his works. The works showed in this exhibition are in the form of paintings, ambiguous drawings and installations with the main medium of cement, a medium which he thinks reflects one of phenomena of \'instant\' in everyday life.