19 September 2015
Mural Project #1
Samuel Indratma

With the concept of colossal Samuel creating works of graffiti art that aims to give the symbol "presence". Samuel Indratma is known as the inventor of the Apotik Komik in 1997-2005, Jogja Mural Forum in 2004-2005, as well as Folk Mataraman Institute 2011. Samuel has also plunged to Jogja Biennalle in 2010 and successfully got a lot of compliments from various parties because of its contribution to the art world that was amazing.

In accordance with the great themes of graffiti art by Samuel namely Rampogan, according to Samuel as a person who has chosen the region of art as a profession, it is important that profession is done individually, but expected this individual also can be fused with another individual who can eventually work collectively.