• Akiq Aw, Past, 100 x 100 cm, 2016, Archival Inkjet Print
  • Akiq Aw, Present, 100 x 100 cm, 2016, Archival Inkjet Print
  • Akiq Aw, Future, 100 x 100 cm, 2016, Archival Inkjet Print
  • Anang Saptoto, Pohon Jati Riwayatmu Kini #2, 04'40", 2016, Single Channel Video Projection
  • Anang Saptoto, Ilusi Keistimewaan #2, Variable Dimension, 2016, Anamorphic, Mural
  • Prilla Tania, Menggunung Biru, 2'51", 2016, Single Channel Video
  • Muhammad Akbar, Drone #1 #2 #3, @48x25x20cm, 2016, Paper, Blacklight UV, Wood
  • Muhammad Akbar, Drone #1, 48x25x20cm, 2016, Paper, Blacklight UV, Wood
  • Muhammad Akbar, Drone #2, 48x25x20cm, 2016, Paper, Blacklight UV, Wood
  • Muhammad Akbar, Drone #3, 48x25x20cm, 2016, Paper, Blacklight UV, Wood
  • Argya Dhyaksa, Times New Roman Nirrahim, 600 x 200 cm, 2015, Engobed Stoneware Ceramics
  • Faisal Habibi, This Thing #6 , 115x91x40cm, painted steel, plywood, rubber, 2015
  • Hendra 'Blankon' Priyadhani, Re-United of Post Power Syndrom, mixed-media, variable dimensions, 2014-2016


13 - 27 April 2016

Group Exhibition

Akiq AW, Argya Dhyaksa Nindita, Anang Saptoto, Faisal Habibi, Yudha Kusuma Putera, Prilla Tania, Hendra "Blankon" Priyadhani, Muhammad Akbar

Curated by:
Adelina Luft


Objects and situations we come in contact with, elements of daily necessities or practices we are following unconsciously might appear at first as self-evident universals de-possessed by heavy loads of cultural stigma, yet they reveal with subtle appearances further questions on the quotidian and prosaic, where different issues and modes of exploration are at stake.

In the current trajectory –following environmental aesthetics to social, political and more recently relational aesthetics– is the aesthetics of the everyday that has caught the attention for research and debate, expanding its subject matter and scope to objects, events and activities that constitute people’s everyday life. 

This approach has been used in the contemporary art realm starting with the 60s mostly through art photography seen in the works of Wolfgang Tillmans, Jeff Walls and more recently Gabriel Orzoco using unintentionality in the relation between subject and the object. Localizing the expansion into investigating the simplicities of daily encounters, how does every day aesthetics meet with contemporary art forms among the young generation of artists working with various media?

The group exhibition “Neglected Ordinaries” is investigating the common, taken-for granted day to day realities as practices that through repetition and assimilation have become accepted as norms. It looks into and reveals the day to day elements of ordinaries which have been left unquestioned and overlooked in the abundance of the dominating current issues. Through the aesthetics of familiarity conveying subtle social and cultural critiques made in various media, the exhibition compiles works by young artists living in two localities – both spatial and conceptual – as former students of Yogyakarta and Bandung art schools, to reveal different encountered realities while exploring new medium.

In the present exhibition artists share the same interest in presenting the common day to day ordinaries by portraying a series of landscapes, artefacts or written statements through the lens of photography, video art and video projections, found object and ceramic installation, sculpture and anamorphic mural drawing. What they share in common except using the prosaic as a medium and as a concept is the play of perspectives that the audience dialogues with, of borrowing artistic eyes to REVEAL the common.