HAPPINESS IS SIMPLE, PLANTING IS LUXURIOUS (Bahagia Itu Sederhana, Menanam Itu Mewah)

1 November 2017
Mural Project #4
Isrol Media Legal

Happiness is simple. So says the wise men. One of them is by seeing the happy smile of the children.

Childhood is a phase for playing. Through the plays children may learn many things. About friendship, environment, courage, to help his parents in the rice field. The most exciting experience that Isrol felt was when he was 8 years old. He and his family who had lived in the village of grandmother in Cilacap - Central Java, the rice field became his favorite place to play with friends, while occasionally helping to deliver the rice seedlings in the fields. Their curiosity in the rice fields eliminates the fear of dirty mud. The experience still can be found and witnessed in Yogyakarta, when Isrol driving to REDBASE Foundation, through the village residents and rice fields.

Through a mural project at the REDBASE Foundation, Isrol wants to convey illustrations of his experience, with children\\\\\\\'s figures as a reflection of an interesting experience he has been through.

Isrol Triono, A.K.A medialegal or known as Isrol, was born in Jakarta, currently lives in Yogyakarta, he began to draw in elementary school. Media Legal Initials are used as the name of street visual art activities or street art stencils and murals. His current interest is exploring found objects such as zinc, wood, iron plate and else. Some of his exhibitions are: Cut and Print (2014) Solo Exhibition, Prigel Gallery Semarang - Indonesia, Off the Wall (2017) Art Stage Jakarta Gandaria - Indonesia.