Forever Young

We collaborate with SLB Pembina (School with Special Needs) in Yogyakarta, inviting children with dissabilities to exhibit and promote their merchandize works in our Foundation venue. We also encourage the children to go beyond the conventional media in making their artworks, by visiting the teachers and offering our artistic input.

Redbase Foundation will organize a group exhibition with artworks from SLB Pembina this year, both in Yogyakarta and Jakarta.


  1. Introduce art to the children and helpdeveloping their ability to draw
  2. Provide a place for children to learn and express their imagination and creativitythrough arts
  3. Build the children's initiative to createDo It Yourself items
  4. Create an artistic atmosphere in theBangunharjo Village
  5. Build mutual respect between thefoundation, public and local residents

How to Support

Forever Young Program sponsorship allows you to:

  1. Contribute to the development and artistic growth of Indonesian Children
  2. Reach a diverse and savvy audience
  3. Increase your visibility and raise your profile withinthe local community and the public through variousdistribution of recognition
  4. Position your organization as an industry leadercommitted to creating a better quality of life for localcommunity
  5. Provide enriching cultural opportunities by gettingto know the children and involve in art activities.

Distribution of Recognition

  1. As a sponsor you will receive recognition through REDBASE social media channels, website, and other avenues of communication - Connecting you with our audiences.
  2. Donor's name/logo on REDBASE FOUNDATION printed catalogue and distributed to list of collectors both locally and internationally
  3. Logo & link on Redbase Foundation website
  4. Physical banner at Redbase Foundation venue
  5. Social media channels
  6. E-blast / Newsletter

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