(1971, USA)

Born in 1971 San Rafael, California, USA.

Graduated from Photography Major at Polytechnic University in Dortmund, Germany (B.A). In 2007 she graduated from Filmmaking Major at The Film Academy (HFF) in Munich, Germany (B.A). 

Vanessa has been living in Australia, South Africa, Ghana and Singapore. Currently lives and works in Jakarta, Indonesia.

RAW (2015) is her first Photography book. Her other photography series, which were shown at exhibitions include PAPERFOLD (2012), TABOO (2010), REMEMBERING WHATS LOST (2009). As a director she realized various award-winning movies, which are PAPER BIRD (2007), KARMA COWBOY (2001), MONA (1998), NEW YORK IMAGES (1996), ALPS (1995) and GROWING SILENTLY (1994) - they have been shown on German TV and screened at international film festivals.