(1993, Yogyakarta - Indonesia)

Graduated from Indonesian Institute of Art, Yogyakarta Indonesia, Printmaking Department Major in 2016. Live and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Her works is usually related to personal experience, such as anxiety, fear, cynicism, skepticism, about her own life experience or just responding to problems that occur around her. She loves the dramatic visuals. Creating interaction within the work, using objects outside the narrative, as if someone were responding to the image in the works.

Solo Exhibition:
“Banda” at Kedai Kebun Forum in 2018, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Selected Group Exhibition:
“Eyes of Matrix” at REDBASE Yogyakarta in 2018 Yogyakarta - Indonesia
“Yang Tersingkap” at Galeri Cipta II Taman Ismail Marzuki in 2018, Jakarta, Indonesia
“The Makers” Yogyakarta Biennale Foundation x Equator Symposium x Galeri Lorong at Art Jakarta in 2018 Jakarta, Indonesia
“Keep the Fire On” at Survive Garage in 2018 Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“Pressing Matters” at Framer Framed, in 2018 Amsterdam, The Netherland
“Sensi” with Tulang Rusuk Community at Jogja Gallery in 2018, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“Kembulan” at Studio Kalahan in 2018, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
 â€œJeblog Neighborhood,” a Mural Project at Jeblog Bantul in 2017, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“Other Faces of History” a commission work at Oude Kerk in 2017, Amsterdam, The Netherland
“Thinking Through Craft” at Lorong Gallery in 2017, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“Wall Mini Works” at Kedai Kebun Forum in 2017, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“Icositetrahedron’ Kevin Van Braak” at Cemeti in 2017, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“Keep The Fire On #3” at Survive Garage in 2017, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“Women, Art & Politics” at FCAC, WOW Fest in 2017, Melbourne, Australia
“Beyond Masculinity” at Ark Galerie in 2017, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“Xeroxed” at Sangkring Art Space in 2017, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“THE BERESYIT” at Krack! Studio in 2017, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“Jammin in The Name of The Lord” at Masriadi Art Foundation in 2017, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“KKKKK” at Kedai Kebun Forum in 2015, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“Artology” at Benteng Vredeburg in 2015, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“Datang Bulan” at Jogja National Museum in 2014, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“4AA4” at Fundraising Campaign Centre for Contemporary Asian Art in 2014, Australia
“Comic’s Week” at Sangkring Art Project in 2014, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“Yang Maha Benda” at Grafis Minggiran in 2014, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“The 1st Jogja Miniprint Biennale” at Museum Bank Indonesia in 2014, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Pra-Biennale Jogja International Mini Print Festival (JIMPF)” at  Indonesian Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta in 2013, Indonesia
“DGTMB Postcard Revolution Project #3” at Dia Lo Gue in 2013, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Disambar Desember #5” at Jogja National Museum in 2012, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“Pasar Senen – Lempuyangan” at Tujuh Bintang Gallery in 2012Yogyakarta, Indonesia