(1995, Bamiyan - Afghanistan)

Amin Taasha was born in Bamiyan province at 1995. During the Taliban, they came to Kabul and continue his studying. He started painting at 2007 at Marefat high school painting department. And at 2010 he continued painting study at Kabul fine arts institute.

He first exhibited his paintings at 2008 and has been participated in many exhibitions by far. After three years painting in realism style and copying from nature, finally by participated in contemporary arts workshops leaded by International artist Khadim Ali in 2009 and through studying art’s school, he created contemporary pieces and mostly works in contemporary style that combined abstract style and miniatur.

Selected Solo Exhibitions:
\'Time Lapse\' at REDBASE Yogyakarta in 2019, Yogyakarta - Indonesia
\'Iron Cocoon\' at Fadjar Sidik Gallery, Indonesia Institute of the Arts in 2018, Yogyakarta - Indonesia
\'Smoke\' at French Cultural Center (FFC) in 2013, Kabul - Afghanistan
\'Mencari\' at Indonesian Institute of the Arts in 2017, Yogyakarta - Indonesia

Selected Group Exhibitions:
\'Transcoding\' at Sebelas Maret University in 2018, Solo - Indonesia
\'Berdiam/Bertandang\' at National Gallery of Indonesia in 2018, Jakarta - Indonesia
\'Small Thing High Value\' at Visma Gallery in 2018, Surabaya - Indonesia
\'Aduh Sudah\' at The International Expression of Arts in 2018, Yogyakarta - Indonesia
\'Dhaka Art Summit: the 4th edition\' at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy in 2018, Bangladesh - India
\'The 10th Fajar International Festival of Visual Arts\' at ECO Cultural Institute in 2018, Tehran - Iran
\'APIK\' at RJ Katamsi Gallery in 2018, Yogyakarta - Indonesia
\'Nimrouze\' The First Comprehensive Afghan Exhibition in 2017, Tehran - Iran
\'Buff X Beluk: duo visual art exhibition\' at Indonesian Institute of the Arts in 2017 Yogyakarta - Indonesia
\'November on Paper: Perupamuda #2\' at Bale Banjar Sangkring in 2017, Yogyakarta - Indonesia
\'SIVA2017\' at Solo International Visual Art, FSRD ISI Surakartain 2017, Solo - Indonesia
\'Everything is Controversial, the death of contemporary art\' at Studio Kalahan in 2016, Yogyakarta - Indonesia
\'Art and Emotion: Borobodur Today\' at Limanjawi Art House in 2015, Magelang - Indonesia
\'Contemporary Art from Afghanistan\' at Penticton Art Gallery in 2015, Canada
\'Disleksia\' at Jogja National Museum in 2015, Yogyakarta - Indonesia
\'Art Amongst War\' at (TCNJ) Art Gallery in 2014 United States
\'Afghan Contemporary Arts Exhibition\' at Beret Lebanonin 2013
\'Imago Mundi\' in 2013 Milan, Italy
\'Contemporary Painting Exhibition\' at World Bank in 2013, Kabul - Afghanistan
\'New Generation\' at Peshgaman Conservatory in 2010, Kabul - Afghanistan
\'Jelwa-hay Hamdeli\' at Foundation for Culture and Civil Society in 2008, Kabul - Afghanistan