(Jakarta, 1987)

Born in Jakarta, 6 February 1987. Graduated in 2009 from Painting Major, Faculty of Arts, Bandung Institute of Technology.

Selected Exhibitions:
"Bazaar Art 2015" with Redbase Contemporary Art at Pacific Place in 2015 Jakarta, Indonesia
"Manifesto #4" at Indonesia National Gallery in 2014 Jakarta, Indonesia
"Preparing" at Cemara 6 Gallery-Museum in 2014 Jakarta, Indonesia
"Everyday is Like Sunday" at Langgeng Gallery in 2013 Magelang, Indonesia
"Bandung Contemporary 13: Disposition" at Lawangwangi Art & Science Estate in 2013 Bandung, Indonesia
"Pressing" at Videoinsight Center in 2013 Turin, Italia
"Ghost (Dear Curator Curate Me)" at Selasar Sunaryo Art Spacein 2013 Bandung, Indonesia
"Trick or Truth" at Fang Gallery in 2012 Jakarta, Indonesia