• A Hundred Greedy Person, 65 x 25 x 12 cm, 100 pcs, 2013, Dacron, Silicone, Leather and Leather Paint
  • Hatred Torment and Pain are my Streght, Variable Dimension, 2013, Resin,Leather,Silicone
  • No One Escapes The Death I Ride, 145 x 170 x 90 cm, 2013, Resin, Silicon, Leather
  • Shepherd in Hatred, Real Size, 2013, Resin, Silicon, Leather
  • The Strength of Woman Lies on Their Sincerity, Variable Size, 2015, Resin, Silicone


(Lampung, 1981)

Born in 1981, Lampung - Indonesia
Graduated from Sculpture Department, Indonesia Institute of Art (ISI) Yogyakarta.
Won Best Sculpture "Dies Natalis XXI", Indonesia Institute of Art in 2007.

Solo Exhibition:
"White Lotus" at Mon D-cor Gallery in 2010, Jakarta, Indonesia.
"Carnival of Scene" at Semarang Gallery in 2013, Semarang, Indonesia.
"The End of Journey" at Redbase Contemporary Art in 2014, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Group Exhibition:
"Rising Length of Light" with REDBASE Art in ARTOTEL Thamrin, 2015, Jakarta - Indonesia
"ART JOG 2016" at Jogja National Museum in 2016, Yogyakarta - Indonesia 
"Bazaar Art" with REDBASE Art in 2015 Yogyakarta, Indonesia
"Base 'RED'." at REDBASE Foundation in 2015 Yogyakarta, Indonesia
"Indonesian Pavilion", Art Stage in 2013, Singapore.
"Legacy of Civilization" at Esa Sampoerna Art Museum in 2012, Surabaya, Indonesia.