(Bandung, 1984)

Born in 25 January 1984, Bandung - Indonesia. Lives and works in Bandung, Indonesia.
Graduated from Arts & Language Teaching Faculty in UniversitasPendidikan Indonesia (UPI) Bandung, In 2012 graduated from Magister School of Fine Arts, InstitutTeknologi Bandung (ITB). 
ASEAN 1st grand prize winner at ASEAN New Media Art Competition 2007. 2nd prize at Bandung Contemporary Art Award #3 Bandung - Indonesia, 2013. Madya Category at Indonesia Art Awards 2013.

Solo Exhibition
"Gaze (The Unseen) / Tatapan (TakTerlihat)" at Selasar Sunaryo Artspace in 2012 Bandung - Indonesia

Selected Group Exhibition
"Neglected Ordinaries" at REDBASE Foundation in 2016 Yogyakarta - Indonesia
"Arte: Indonesia Arts Festival" at Plenary Hal, Jakarta Convention Center in 2013  Jakarta - Indonesia
"Bandung Contemporary Art Award #3" at Lawangwangi Creative Space in 2013 Bandung - Indonesia
"Indonesia Art Awards 2013" at National Gallery in 2013 Jakarta - Indonesia