(China, 1982)

Born in 1982 Shancong, China.
Graduated from Oil Painting Department at Renmin University of China, Beijing, China in 2008. Currently teaching at RENMIN University of China, Beijing, China

Selected Exhibition:
"REDBASE Art" at Art Stage Jakarta in 2016, Sheraton Gandaria Jakarta, Indonesia
"BIG FISH" at Lan Space Gallery in 2016, Beijing, China
"Painting Classes" at RENMIN University of China in 2014, Beijing, China
"The Voyage Of Sea" at Shandong Broadcasting and TV Museum - Zuoyou in 2014, China
"Youth" at BoYuantang Museum in 2014, Shandong, China
"Just Kids" at Zhuzhong Art Gallery in 2013, Beijing, China
"Contemporary Portraits" at Ann Arbor Work Gallery in 2013, USA
"EN Qute De L excellence" at Centre culturel de China-Paris in 2013, French
"Flowers In The Mirror" at Wenjin International Art Gallery in 2009, Beijing, China