(Slovakia, 1989)

Born in 1989, Slovakia.
Graduated from Conservatorium of Music, Kosice, Slovakia (drums and percussion) in 2009, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic; Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Sociology in 2013, Bosphorus University, Istanbul, Turkey; exchange placement (Fine Arts and Sociology) in 2012, American University of Beirut, Lebanon; exchange placement (Fine Arts and Psychology) in 2012. Graduated from University of Tasmania, School of Art, Hunter Street, Hobart (Installation and Sound Art) in 2014.Graduated from  STSI, Bandung, Indonesia (Karawitan) in 2015.

Selected Solo Exhibition:
"PRESENCE" Artist in Residence Exhibition at Redbase Foundation in 2015, Yogyakarta - Indonesia 
"Fotky z dovolen 2010-14" at Galerie Art in 2015, Brno - Czech Republic
"Photos from the Vacations 2010-14" at Kersan Art Studio in 2015, Yogyakarta - Indonesia
"reFraming the Light" at Salamanca Arts Center, Lightbox Gallery, in 2014 Hobart - Australia
Selected Group Exhibition:
"Transformaking: Music Box (cc)" at Jogja National Museum in 2015 Yogyakarta - Indonesia
"Festival International Creatividad, Innovaciny Cultura Digital" at Espacio Enter in 2015 Canary Islands, Spain
"I consume therefore I am - my Tasmanian story / Gutter Cleaner" at Salamanca Arts Center, Top Gallery in 2014 Hobart - Australia
"Untitled (accidental landscape)" 2013: at SAC Long Gallery, inPrint and inInk in 2013 Hobart-Australia