(Cirebon, 1968)

Born in 23 December 1968 Cirebon, Indonesia
Graduated from Visual Art major at University of Sarjanawiyata Taman Siswa (UST) Yogyakarta, Indonesia. And graduated from Performance Art Department at Indonesian Institute of the Art Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Currently live and work in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
He is of the finalist of GGAA YSRI 2015 at National Gallery Jakarta - Indonesia, finalist of INDOfest Competition in 2014 Adelaide - Australia, finalist of UOB Art Award 2012 Jakarta-Indonesia, finalist of Philip Morrist Award in 2003, 2001, 2000 and 1999. And many more. 

Selected Solo Exhibition:
"Soundtrack" at Srisasanti Art House in 2009 Jakarta, Indonesia
"My Love Supreme" at Bika Building in 2007 Jakarta, Indonesia
"Arti Line" at Canna Gallery in 2005 Jakarta, Indonesia

Selected Group Exhibition:
"Urip Mung Mampir Ngombe" at Langit Art Space in 2015 Yogyakarta, Indonesia
"GGAA YSRI Visual Visual Competition Finalist 46" at National Gallery in 2015 Jakarta, Indonesia
"Webing Project" at Museum Osaka University in 2015 Osaka, Japan
"Tribute" at ArtFront Gallery in 2013 Singapore
"Sang Juara" at National Gallery in 2012 Jakarta, Indonesia