Nan Nancy Nan


Nancy Nan is the Founder and Director of REDBASE Foundation in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. She has been worked as the Director of art gallery in New York, Singapore and China, focused on Chinese Contemporary Art. She is based in Jakarta, Indonesia, since 2014, where she has setup the art foundation as a platform for cultural exchange and international dialogue between local artistic practices and art networks both national and international.

The Foundation's focus is on promoting Indonesian artists and Southeast Asia art. the Foundation's main program is Artist in Residency (AIR), Art Exhibition, Indonesian Young Artist Award, Art Tour and Art Education Program. As a collector herself, Nancy Nan presents a unique taste for selecting contemporary artists both in her venues and in the large scale international art fairs in the region, looking at various media and art.

Tomohiro Yoshida

Senior Advisor | Japanese and Western Modern and Contemporary Art

Tomohiro Yoshida is specialized in western modern to contemporary art as well as Japanese post-war and contemporary art. He has studied at Sotheby's Institute in London and Christie's Education in New York before 20 year work experience in the art business. He is currently based in New York and has been indecently working as a private art dealer / art consultant since 2010.

Laure Raibaut

Senior Advisor | Western Modern and Contemporary Art

Laure Raibaut's expertise is in Asian modern and contemporary art and the art market. She was trained as an archaeologist and an art historian at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies) in London, the Sorbonne in Paris and the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. Her academic focus has been on the building of private and public collections.

She started her career in Beijing with Platform China Art Institute and then opened the New York space for another pioneer gallery, Chinese Contemporary. She also worked with Eli Klein in New York, before moving to Hong Kong to join Schoeni Art gallery, another of the leading galleries in the world for Chinese contemporary art, established in 1992. Laure launched the Asian Contemporary art department for Bonhams, in Hong Kong in 2013 and went on to Christie's as Vice-President and lead the Asia + sales, as well as private sales and the Christie's gallery private sales for the Asian Contemporary department.

After working for de Sarthe gallery, she went back to the non-profit world (before focusing on Asia, she worked at the Musee d'Orsay in Paris) and is now part of the Hong Kong Arts Centre, the longest standing independent art institution in Hong Kong, opened in 1977.

Ahok | Sin Yan

Associate Director

Ahok was appointed as Associate Director at REDBASE Foundation Yogyakarta Indonesia in 2015. In this role, Ahok focuses on developing strategies and foundation policies designed to strengthen programming and initiatives at the Foundation, both locally and globally.

Ahok is responsible for all of the Foundation's staff representing: exhibition design and production, exhibition planning and administration, artist in residency program, indonesian young artist award, yearly art tour schedule, registrar, art handling, collection, and art education program. He oversees the administration of the entire roster of temporary exhibitions, gallery rotations and supervising an annual program.

Ahok started his career in art scenes since 2003 and before joining the Foundation, He served as Art Director of art gallery for 5 years in Jakarta - Indonesia focused on Indonesia Contemporary Art, where he helped to build the gallery from scratch, planned gallery's strategy, created and organized many exhibitions including strategy to participate art fair at overseas.

Yosep Arizal


Yosep Arizal has been with the Foundation since 2016. He joined as an intern at Redbase Foundation, and later named as Supervisor since 2017. Yosep is responsible for artist in residency program, art handling, exhibition display and rotation and art education program (weekly kid art class and special need kid art class).

Yosep has studied indonesian contemporary art at fine art department of Indonesian Institute of the Art (ISI) Yogyakarta, one of the top art university in Indonesia. And further he forged his creative concept while working for London-based fashion-craft companies in Bali before joining REDBASE Foundation.

Anjali Nayenggita

Administrator Manager

Anjali Nayenggita is the Foundation's Administrator Manager since 2017. She has been with the Foundation since 2015. Beside responsible for all Foundation's administration, she also responsible for exhibition design and production, registrar, art logistic, collection, database, social media and website.

Anjali was born in Jakarta where she graduated from Archaeology Department - Faculty of Humanities, at University of Indonesia. She worked as a Junior Restorer for ancient artifacts during 2013 - 2014 at the Ministry of Education and Culture before joining REDBASE Foundation.