Filmmaking Workshop (for Weekly Art Class Kids)
(Mira Octaviana and Ranggi Arohmansani)

In the mid of February 2017, REDBASE Foundation invited two special mentors to teach how to make a short movie in our regular program; Weekly Art Class. In three-days encounters (17-19 February 2017) with Mira Octaviana; a translator and art space manager, who involved in a movie production, and Ranggi Arohmansani; a young filmmaker based in Jakarta, who active in film industry. 

This video medium is the first time introduced in Weekly Art Class. The kids were so enthusiastic with the class and came one hour earlier, patiently waited for the mentors. First day of workshop started with brainstorming. Mira and Ranggi taught the kids to know about technical film producing and watched short movie together. Then the kids were stimulated to write a short story which will be developed into movie script idea. On the second day, the kids tried to operate handycam, DSLR camera, audio recorder, and also clapper board, with movie-shooting simulation. On the last day of workshop, they recorded the movie based on short stories who made by the kids.

Through this process, as an adult, is not only giving guidance to the kids. We could perceived a lot of thing by interact with the kids, said Mira and Ranggi. This experience is their first workshop with kids in age 3 - 12 y/o. In a short conversation with Mira and Ranggi, the said that they enjoyed this creative process, emphasized to learning in a fun way, and the most important thing is the kids have a big confidence,which they can do thing that they never did before. Also the mentors felt that they actually learned a lot from the kids, learned how to be honest to themselves, more patient, and how to be a good example. Because kids are not like to be directed only with verbal word only, but they are better informed and do the things when a person can be a good example for them.

Natural Soap Workshop
(With Camane Crafts, Makassar)

In this Workshop we learn how to prepare and mix the receipe for making natural soap with different flavors. Camane Crafts from Makassar shared with us the ingredients and knowledge for making our own soap.

Ink on Paper Workshop
(With Ardana Ngakan)

As part of the exhibition-Hana tan Hana: Death and Life of the Unknown- (link to exhibition)

The participants learn the techniques for drawing with Chinese Ink on Paper, one of the appraches Ardana uses in his artworks. The artist presented two Balinese techniques of drawing he learnt during his studies in Bali, with focus on drawing shape and daily objects.