Yogyakarta is one of Indonesia's 33 provinces which is considered as one of the foremost cultural center of Java as well as one of the major tourist destinations in Indonesia. The city is known for its beautiful historic old buildings, the warmth and friendly nature of local people, tasty and somewhat sweet local dishes, also a fascinating local arts scene.

Jogja, as locals call it, is well-known throughout Indonesia as a center for the arts. As Julie Ewington once stated in 1995, pre-modern, modern and post-modern coexist in Indonesia, the city of Jogja seeing the expansion of hundreds of traditional arts, as well as contemporary art galleries, studios and collectives. Next to the traditional, contemporary art has grown in the fertile soil of Yogyakarta. ISI, the Institution of Arts is the center of arts and plays a big role to the growth of artistic practices in Jogja. Contemporary art infrastructure in Jogja has grown organically through the numerous self-initiated collectives, art spaces, studios and private galleries that each year produce hundreds of art events. This richness in arts can be seen during the popular annual art fair ART JOG, exhibiting more than 50 artists under a general curatorial theme, while the city is expanding and blooming in art events during the fair, with opened galleries, studios, art spaces and institutions splattered on the whole axis of the city.