Weekly Art Class

Every Friday / 3 - 4 pm

Weekly Kids Class is part of the Art and Education program that runs at REDBASE Foundation situated in the village of Bangunharjo, Yogyakarta. The large number of children in the village has inspired us to provide a creative space for them, to contribute as a non-formal art education patron, and as a mediator between the world of art and the world of children.

We have designed a routine weekly art class to accommodate their interests and to build up a more creative environment for the children of the village. The weekly art classes consist of coloring and drawing activities facilitated by two teachers, with a plan to expand the collaboration with other communities that can share the knowledge of creating different forms of art in a workshop format.

As we believe in the power of art to engage children with creative learning, making art also builds children's self-esteem by giving the opportunities to express what they feel and think about the surrounding environment. Through Weekly Kids Class, we hope more children could access the beauty of art, not only to explore ideas and skills, but also to shape positive character in the generations about to come.

Intensive Art Course

REDBASE Foundation is organizing an alternative class for high school students who wish to pursue for their Bachelor degree at ISI (The Art Institute), in Fine Art Department. Each Tuesday and Thursday for a period of 4 months, 30 applicants can learn basic shape drawing technique, still life, anatomy, and watercolor on paper for the upcoming exam, with the help of 3 prominent students from ISI.

Duration: March-May 2016
Twice a week, Tuesday & Thursday, 14.00 - 17.00

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