Lecturers: 12 Lecturers from Art Universities in Tiongkok

A collaboration event between REDBASE Foundation and Indonesian Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta and also the 12 professional art teachers from Tiongkok. This event hives chance to ISI students and participant to exchange information, skill, and knowledge about art.

In this event, some lecturers did a live drawing and the participant observe the technique. This event's objective is to give a new and fresh experience in art also academic skills for the participant.

Artist Talk: "ONGGHA" artist in residence exhibition #5
speaker: Suvi Wahyudianto (artist)

As a further explanation of Onggha Exhibition and as a compliment for Suvi Wahyudianto's residency we invited curators, art critics, artists, art students and art lovers to discuss the concept, artistic idea and the experiences behind the artworks in Onggha exhibition in a form of artist talk. It is a final result of Suvi Wahyudiantos's research during residency period in REDBASE Foundation. 

Suvi has interpreted "onggha" not only as a term commonly used in emigration and immigration of Madura people, but further as a historical evidence of position, identity and stereotypes legated to Madura people by Dutch colonialist. During the artist talk, the audience forged Suvi's conceptual idea by complex curiosity and questions, questions about what the upcoming plan is if he going to explore his concept of Madura further which is rarely exposed, how Suvi reflects his concept on the artworks aesthetically and how important the political purpose of the idea is, especially since he decided to explored it as general concept of his works continuously from time to time.

Film Screening & Discussion: WOLVES PROWL
(film & speaker) Marta Weglinska

Marta Weglinska was born in Lublin, Poland. She completed her Painting Study (BA) and Inter-media Study (MA) at the University of Arts in Poznan, she gets Darmasiswa scholarship at Indonesia Institute of Arts (ISI Jogjakarta) and currently as Artist in Residence at REDBASE Foundation Yogyakarta. Most of her works was as artist-curator with large scale of medium and technique, range from art books, sculptures, installations, films, paintings and photographs. 

During her residency at REDBASE Foundation, Marta interested in exploring tradition both technically and conceptually, a tradition about Panji Story, fertility, nature and the romance behind. As an introduction of her residency, we are presenting a film screening of her past work, entitled "Wolves Prowl" and presentation also discussion about her concept for our Artist in Residency Program. 

Through the screening, presentation and discussion with Marta on this Saturday, we hope all of us will more understand about her concept in general and what is she doing right now on our Artist in Residency Program.

Artist Talk: "Translucent" artist in residency exhibition
Speaker: Meliantha Muliawan (Artist)

As the closing of Meliantha's residency at REDBASE Foundation, we held an artist talk as part of her residency exhibition, "TRANSLUCENT".

Meli shared her experience of her very-first residency and talked about her artwork concept which is involving children she met in residency program. Translucent is a series of works with resin as the primary medium. Not only that resin is aesthetically pleasing, but resin also resonates to Meli's personal reflective process.

Art Talk: Minimal Art Gallery (MAG) | HOME Exhibition
Speaker: Suntje Sagerer, Franziska Fennert (Artist&Curator), Susanne Altmann (Art Historian and Mode

As a part of Minimal Art Gallery (MAG) | HOME, has been held an art walk guided by Susanne Altmann as the writer, Suntje Sagerer and Franziska Fennert as the producer and curator of the exhibition. 

Further this exhibition triggered the public in a form of discussion, where the visitors could share their experience after appreciating the artworks. Besides, Suntje and Franziska explained the way how they select the artists to participate in and so MAG became a central point of their encounter.

Artist Talk: CEN.SOR Artist in Residency Exhibition
Speaker: Ari Bayuaji (Artist)

This Artist Talk can be said as a melting pot for Ari Bayuaji as an artist, where he could build proposition and critique together with the audience about his artworks which has been exhibited in REDBASE Foundation as his final goal of his Artist in Residence. Guided by Dewi Ria Utari as the moderator. Some critical questions and comments came out. 

"Censor" is the title of the exhibition, it catch the public's attention to discuss what kind of sensor Ari would like to show, it because the meaning of 'censor' itself is too wide enough, it's not only on images and visualization but on voice as well.

Kinetic Art: Between Technic and Aestethic
Speaker: Wahyudin (Curator)

To compliment the exhibition of wood mechanical sculptures we invited the curator and art critic Wahyudin to discuss about "kinetic art" in Indonesia, and the discourse around the practice which is still under researched and overlooked in the context of increasing interest by young artists to incorporate this particular art form into their works

The term "kinetic art" in Indonesia has been discussed very scarcely, and the discourse around the practice is still under researched and overlooked in the context of increasing interest by young artists to incorporate this particular art form into their works.The word kinetic has started to be used more often and new generations of artists are looking at ways on how to explore different mediums by adding sounds, sensors, and new mechanisms into their so-called "sculptures".

The works of Dedy Shofianto created for his final exam at Institut Seni Indonesia during last year, opens new questions and interest in kinetic art and the very thin border between techniques and aesthetics in the context of more complex contemporary art practices.

Seen as a platform to support the works of young artists working with different mediums, Redbase Foundation offers the opportunity and place to present their ideas in front of an audience, to discuss it critically and to receive input in order to improve their artistic practice.

The exhibition "Evolution" is still on view at Redbase Foundation until 15 Feb 2016, presenting three dimensional works of "Kumbang Tanduk (Beetle Horns)" using wood as a medium.

The discussion is open for public.

"Neglected Ordinaries" Curatorial Talk
Curator: Adelina Luft

Adelina shared her curatorial process for the current exhibition, from previous research in everyday aesthetis and the interest in bringing together Yogyakarta and Bandung young artists.

The group exhibition "Neglected Ordinaries" is investigating the common, taken-for granted day to day realities as practices that through repetition and assimilation have become accepted as norms. It looks into and reveals the day to day elements of ordinaries which have been left unquestioned and overlooked in the abundance of the dominating current issues. Through the aesthetics of familiarity conveying subtle social and cultural critiques made in various media, the exhibition compiles works by young artists living in two localities – both spatial and conceptual – as former students of Yogyakarta and Bandung art schools, to reveal different encountered realities while exploring new medium.

In the present exhibition artists share the same interest in presenting the common day to day ordinaries by portraying a series of landscapes, artefacts or written statements through the lens of photography, video art and video projections, found object and ceramic installation, sculpture and anamorphic mural drawing. What they share in common except using the prosaic as a medium and as a concept is the play of perspectives that the audience dialogues with, of borrowing artistic eyes to REVEAL the common.





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