The REDBASE Foundation located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia is a non-profit art organization built on a 1,500 sqm land within the Heritage Traditional Javanese House, and located in a village near the Art Institute (ISI) in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The Foundation sets itself up as a platform for cultural exchange and international dialogue between local artistic practices and art networks both national and international. REDBASE is committed, as well, to collaborations with the village communities in order to build up for a more creative social environment through visual arts education.

Foundation AIR Program offers an invitation to emerging and professional non-Yogya-based artists (local and international) who work in the contemporary Visual Arts, and who have a serious interest in Indonesian culture, to explore and practice within Indonesia local community. They will have the opportunity of meeting new people, using new materials, especially materials used by native Indonesians, and experiencing life in a new location. 

In the past years,
REDBASE Foundation provides assistance to young and emerging Indonesian artists who work with different media. Selection is by legitimate jury in the Indonesian Young Artist Award Program.

REDBASE Foundation also provides Art Tour Program in the past years to visit local artist studios, art spaces, art fair, institutions and other foundations, also to meet Indonesian artists and feel the ambience of the Indonesia art scene. The Foundation Art Education Program provided art classes for local kids, and organized art classes for kids with special needs, offered completely free.