About AIR Program

REDBASE Artist-in-Residence (AIR) offers two-to-three month residency for both Indonesian and international artists working in visual art. Our residency encourages artists to develop their new concepts use local materials and traditional techniques through an exploration of Indonesian culture. While the residency concludes with a cumulative, cohesive, solo exhibition, we also want to encourage artists to develop social or educational programs alongside their studio work in the form of discussions, workshops, performances, etc.


REDBASE Artist-in-Residence Program is open to any local and international artist, with no criteria regarding age. We welcome applicants in any field of contemporary art including: painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, film, video, digital art, and performance. We wish to invite artists who are passionate about exploring Indonesia and its culture, whether historical or contemporary issues, through an exploration of local materials. Applicant artists should be capable in communicating their conceptual and artistic ideas verbally in either English or Indonesian Language. Participants are expected to be able to communicate in English effectively. Artists who have not participated in a previous residency program are encouraged to apply. We wish our selected artists to donate one of their artworks in the end of the residency for supporting REDBASE foundation.


REDBASE Foundation provides single-bedroom accommodation (8.41 sqm), kitchen, WiFi, working, and exhibition space. Our Foundation staff will assist the artist with orientation and translation, as well as aid in accessing materials, libraries, art institutes, arts spaces and events. At the end of the residency period each artist will prepare an Artist Talk and final exhibition that is visually and conceptually impressive, provokes dialog, and provides an educational context.


The residency activities will be divided into several phases: an orientation-incubation phase, a working phase, and a final presentation phase. In the first month the resident will concentrate on orientation and incubation, in which the artist needs to think, research, and empower their conceptual and artistic ideas for their project. At this time they will also be connected to art and cultural activities in and around Yogyakarta. In the second month, artists are expected to do a workshop, give a lecture at local art university or create another program of their choosing based on the artists’ interest and expertise. This serves one of REDBASE’s primary missions of sharing with the local communities and artists groups. In the last week of the third month is the final presentation, held in the form of an exhibition and artist talk as part of the evaluation of the residency program.

Final Exhibition

At the end of the residency period each artist will prepare an Artist Talk and final exhibition that is visually and conceptually impressive, provokes dialog, and provides an educational context.

Applicant material

• A short explanation of why you’re interested in the REDBASE AIR Program.

• A proposal for the residency project.

• A Curriculum Vitae.

• A portfolio containing: at least 10 images of previous artworks, the format of images can be

JPEG or PNG (minimum 1MB/image).

We will help provide letter for foreign applicants to apply for funds in their origin countries. Evaluations will be based on all materials submitted by the applicants. Please send the application materials via email to: info@redbasefoundation.org

*) Foreign applicants are expected to apply for funds in their origin countries.

*) The works realized during the Residency Program will remain under the Foundation for a period of 6 months.

*) Resident artist should donate USD 30,00 per month for air conditioner charge


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Open hours:
Monday - Friday, 10 am - 5 pm
Saturday by appointment
Sunday Closed

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